1. 1988

    Foundation: The Bank was established on September 28, 1988, by the “Ermírio de Moraes” family, as a securities distributor company, under the form of a limited liability company, under the designation Baltar Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários Ltda., denomination later modified to Votorantim Distribuidora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários Ltda.

  2. 1991

    Multiple bank: On February 25, 1991, the Bank became a joint-stock company and on August 12, 1991 was authorized by the Central Bank of Brazil to operate as a multiple bank under the denomination Banco Votorantim S.A.

  3. 1996

    • BV Financeira: On April 1996, BV Financeira S.A. – Crédito, Financiamento e Investimento was established to operate in the financing of individual consumers.
    • Votorantim Corretora: During the same year, the Bank began to operate in the brokerage activities through the creation of the Votorantim Corretora de Títulos e Valores Mobiliários Ltda. (“Votorantim Corretora”).
  4. 1997

    BV Leasing: In 1997, BV Leasing Arrendamento Mercantil S.A. was established, and its activity consists of leasing operations (“BV Leasing”).

  5. 1999

    Votorantim Asset Management (VAM): In 1999, Votorantim Asset Management DTVM Ltda. (“BV Asset”) was established as a subsidiary of the Bank to operate in management and administration of funds.

  6. 2002

    Bahamas: On February 20, 2002, the Central Bank of the Bahamas issued a license to the Bank perform banking operations in the country.

  7. 2007

    Votorantim Corretora de Seguros: In order to improve the offer of products and services to its clients, on August 2, 2007, the Bank established the Votorantim Corretora de Seguros S.A. to operate in the insurance brokerage market.

  8. 2009

    Banco do Brasil Partnership On January 2009, a partnership was established with Banco do Brasil, which acquired from Votorantim Finanças S.A. 49.99% of the voting capital, corresponding to 50% of Banco Votorantim’s total share capital. The partnership was established with a strong strategic outlook and long term perspective, allowing the development of business opportunities in several segments.

  9. 2012

    Capital Increase: In 2012, the shareholders agreed to increase the Bank’s capital in the amount of R$2.0 billion, after a period of delinquency crisis, in order to maintain the Bank’s capitalization at adequate levels.

  10. 2014

    Beginning of the digital transformation of BV: Since 2014, the Bank has expanded its investments in technology and data, changing the corporate culture and business diversification to become increasingly connected to the ecosystem of fintechs and startups. The Bank’s innovation trajectory has been implemented through direct investments and/or strategic partnerships with companies that strategically diversify business and drive the Bank’s digital transformation.

  11. 2016

    Startups Investments: In 2016, the Bank invested in the venture capital fund BR Startups, which currently has investments in several companies, including “Quero Quitar”, “Yalo”, “Olivia” and “Carflix”.

  12. 2017

    New start-ups partnerships: During 2017, the Bank established partnerships with the “Solar Portal” and “Guiabolso”.

  13. 2018

    • Expansion in start-up partnerships: and, in 2018, with “Yalo”, “Olivia”, “Avonale” and “Weel”, in addition to making contributions to the venture capital fund “Monashees”.
    • BV Lab: Also, in 2018 the BV Lab was founded, an innovation laboratory dedicated to connecting the company with new technologies and improving the users’ experience of the Bank’s services.
    • Neon Pagamentos: On May 2018, the Bank announced the beginning of a strategic partnership with Neon Pagamentos, through which the Bank acquired the custody and transaction services of Neon’s payment accounts. Under the terms of the partnership, the partners committed themselves to developing a series of initiatives in the digital banking market, while maintaining independence in operations and aiming to enhance their strengths, thereby undertaking an important step in the bank’s strategy of business diversification and digital transformation.
    • Integration between Votorantim Corretora and Votorantim Asset: Also, during 2018, Votorantim Corretora’s activities were integrated with BV Asset, and BV Asset also operated as a full trading member – PNP listed at B3.
    • Modification of BV Leasing’s corporate structure: At the end of 2018, BV Leasing requested authorization from the Central Bank of Brazil to change its corporate purpose and status of the company, based on the addition of a commercial portfolio, in order to allow the conglomerate to combine two multiple banks in its economic group, which will enable the segmenting of digital commercial banking from traditional commercial banking.
  14. 2019

    • Just Acquisition: In 2019, the Bank confirmed significant investments, including the acquisition of the “Just” brand and online personal credit platform.
    • NaPista: Launch of the pilot of the automotive resale platform “NaPista”.
    • Brand repositioning: At the end of 2019, the Bank announced the transition of its brand from “Banco Votorantim” to “Banco BV”. The restructuring of the visual identity and the implementation of the brand “Banco BV” aims to further emphasize the customer as the business core and purpose of the bank. Therefore, in addition to a closer communication approach and focused on people, the companyhas established the Customer and Data Intelligence Department.
    • Launch of BVx: In 2019, the BVX innovation business unit was officially inaugurated to generate value through the association of Banco BV with the startup’s ecosystem, using co-creation, proprietary developments and investments in partnerships.
  15. 2020

    • BV new digital account:  In 2020, the bank reinforces its commitment to offer a lighter and more peaceful financial life for its customers with an account 100% digital and without monthly fee that functions as a relationship hub in which the customers will be able to control all the bank’s products.
    • Global Compact, the United Nations’ (UN): In 2020 the bank became a signatory of the Global Compact, the United Nations’ (UN) initiative to mobilize the business community in the adoption and promotion, in its practices for business purposes, of ten universally accepted principles in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment and to fight corruption
    • Public Commitment to offset 100% of the CO2 emissions from our loan portfolio: we announce that from 2021 we will offset al, CO2 emissions from the cars we finance in 2021 and forward.
    • 1st private Brazilian bank to issue a Green Bond: the funds were destined to assets or projects related to the generation of renewable energy, such as the financing of solar panels and development of wind parks.
  16. 2021

    • BV Pact for a lighter future: In May, we announced the “2030 Commitments for a lighter future”, which brings together 5 public goals, aligned with the UN SDGs¹. These goals will guide the bank’s actions in the environmental, social and governance (ESG) areas and are based on three pillars of action: 1) Neutralize our environmental impact; 2) Accelerate social inclusion and; 3) Mobilize resources to foster sustainable business. For more details on the Pact for a lighter future click here
    • We issued R$750 million in Green Financial Bills: expanding our ESG operations, the funds are used to finance solar energy panels, consolidating BV as the main player in the solar panel financing segment in Brazil.
    • Our Digital Bank has reached 2 million customers: our commitment is to offer a lighter and more peaceful financial life for our customers, providing a 100% digital account with no monthly fees that works as a relationship hub where the customer can control all the bank’s products.
    • The customer remains at the heart of our strategy: we were awarded 1st place in the Respect Award, which recognizes companies that most respect consumers, according to the Consumidor Moderno website. We were in the Top 5 in the Reclame Aqui Award in the Banks category, we consistently recorded the lowest number of complaints among large banks in the Central Bank of Brazil Ranking, a great recognition for companies that offer the best service to their customers
    • New strategic partnerships in 2021: we signed an important strategic partnership with S3 Bank, a Banking as a Service (BaaS) platform that offers integrated financial and payment solutions in a modular, secure and scalable way. We expanded our participation in Portal Solar, consolidating BV as one of the main players in the solar panel financing segment in Brazil. In addition to the great potential of solar energy in the country, the investment is in line with our ESG agenda. We invested in Trademaster: with the objective of reinforcing our strategy in the SME² segment. Finally, we partnered with Google Cloud. The long-term agreement will combine BV bank’s recognized intelligence in consumer credit with Google’s digital customer solutions and knowledge.