Channel For Receipt of Complaints

Channel For Receipt of Complaints

To report situations with indications of illegality of any nature related to BV’s activities, including breaches of our Code of Conduct, contact us using the form (click here),  or use the mail if you prefer.


PO Box: 79545

Zip Code: 04707-970

The complaints can be made anonymously or identified and the whistleblower in good faith, confidentiality and non-retaliation are guaranteed, in addition to independent and impartial treatment.
To expedite service, remember to provide as much information as possible, and if possible, include documents that assist in the verification.
If you do not have all the information, the complaint can be made in the same way.
Remember that this Channel should not be used for suggestions, requests, complaints or other issues not directly related to a complaint, for these cases look for the customer and user service channels informed on our website: .com / service

Audit Committee

To report situations indicating fraud, violation of legislation, regulations and internal codes, irregularities of accounting, control and internal and independent audit nature, the complaint can be forwarded directly to the Audit Committee, click here to access the form.